ICT is indispensable as a means of improving the effectiveness and quality of the processes in your organisation. To achieve the best possible result, you need to focus on providing your employees with the best possible applications and information.

The design, construction, maintenance and development of a solid and flexible technical infrastructure is an essential precondition for this, but is not a core task for your organisation.

ICT as a service

We regard ICT as a facility service in which the supply of functionality and quality to users is the main point of focus. This supply must be constantly geared to the dynamic demand and can only be determined properly by paying structural attention to the experiences and work processes of your employees (customers) on multiple levels.

A facility service will only be successful if all the relevant implicit and explicit functional requirements (menu) and the quality criteria (KPIs) have been clearly agreed with the stakeholders in your organisation. With that solid basis, you can strategically decide to retain full coordination and control over the provision of ICT to your users, while you select suitable technical partners based on tactical considerations.

As a candidate partner, CAM can offer you a safe transition to a proven Cloud Platform based on teaming a Sourcing management model.


Cloud ecosystem

For us, the ideal Cloud Platform is an ecosystem in which your own virtual private ICT infrastructure effortlessly and safely makes applications and information accessible to users through the ‘front door’ on the basis of scalable standard modules (Private Cloud). And, regardless of location, time or equipment (Personal Cloud), with integral links through the ‘back door’ to Cloud Applications – SaaS, Cloud Infrastructure – IaaS and other Cloud services (Public Cloud).

Based on strategic and economic considerations, you can choose to be the owner of the platform (Platform on Premises – PoP) with a once-off investment and an annual operating agreement, or you can choose to rent the platform (Platform as a Service – PaaS) with monthly payments based on your purchased capacity. A combination of both is also possible.

In the Cloud Platform, there is a well-defined relationship between the functional demand (Menu and KPIs), the supply (Modules) and the use of capacity (Resources). This makes it possible to clearly separate the technology from the functionality and to simplify the management of the Cloud Platform and create clear functional management procedures (Workflows), status overviews (Dashboards) and management information (Reports).

With our vision, the technical management (support, maintenance, changes and development) of the Cloud Platform is specifically and effectively outsourced as part of a Sourcing model, based on efficient collaboration with your functional managers.



We regard Sourcing as the ideal model for outsourcing management. This model is based on a clear separation between functional and technical management. Thanks to the workflows, dashboards and reports, your managers always have full functional control over the various levels of the Cloud Platform. This means that they can spend their valuable time and energy primarily on an optimally coordinated supply of applications and information to users, including the requisite interaction with the internal stakeholders and the suppliers of your business applications.

To resolve technical questions and problems (24×7 support), continuous optimisation of the modules (maintenance), the controlled implementation of technical changes (change management) and the development and innovation of the architecture (platform management), your managers will be linked in a 1:1 teaming to permanent contact persons at CAM, creating a solid basis of trust to guarantee highly effective collaboration.

Your managers will be linked to permanent CAM engineers in a 1:1 team for the:

  • resolution of technical questions and problems (24×7 support)
  • continuous optimisation of the modules (maintenance)
  • controlled implementation of technical changes (change management)
  • development and innovation of the architecture (platform management)

Together, we will build an extremely effective collaborative relationship based on trust.

The combination of partnership in the ICT infrastructure technology and the related technical management results in a well-defined interface. You retain control while CAM takes care of the complex technology, for both the ICT infrastructure and its management.


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