The CAMCUBE is a virtual private ICT infrastructure (Private Cloud) that you can buy or rent. The platform flexibly provides your applications with the requisite virtual resources (storage, server and network), which can then easily be made accessible to users through of a tightly controlled ‘front door’, regardless of the location, connection, time or device (Personal Cloud).

Through a highly secure ‘back door’, the platform has controlled access to the Internet with dedicated VPN links to trusted external partners for external Cloud services such as SaaS and IaaS (Public Cloud).

One characteristic feature of the platform is that 100% of your applications and information are always accessible from your own private platform in a controlled, uniform and safe way. This means that you retain full coordination and control over your computerisation while entrusting your automation to a proven Cloud Platform Provider.

For your users, the platform means freedom, mobility and flexibility. For the various tasks under a variety of circumstances, users can choose the most appropriate device: Desktop PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.

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